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Sanctus: Nelson Mass
Franz Joseph Haydn Lyrics

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Elaine Blackhurst

From where exactly do people find such ridiculous nonsense ?

Trafalgar is completely irrelevant.

The mass was not written in honour of Nelson; in a case of putting two and two together and coming up with five, whilst Haydn was writing the mass, Nelson sunk the French fleet in the Battle of Aboukir.
The news of this important victory did not reach Vienna until after Haydn had finished the Mass - so this link is nonsense as well.

This magnificent mass was composed in just over seven weeks during July and August 1798; Haydn was therefore 66 years old; Haydn had retired by 1805, and further, was incapable of any composition.

Two years later in 1800, the Missa in Angustiis was possibly performed in honour of Nelson and his entourage when they visited Prince Nicholas II and Haydn at Eisenstadt, hence the nickname ‘Nelson Mass’*.

There is actually almost no evidence to suggest that this actually happened.

If anyone cares to think about it seriously, it is unlikely that the English - and therefore entirely Anglican - visitors, would be asked to sit through a Roman Catholic mass (unless the music - as today - is performed entirely separate from the service).

You’re right in one respect- this is a very great work.

* Note: Nelson Mass, not the ridiculous ‘Lord Nelson Mass’.


Hope y'all don't mind but I'm using this recording for my presentation in Choral Lit class, so I'm going to use this comment to create shortcuts to the spots I want to use for my presentation :) KTHXBYE

02:39 kyrie solo 1
03:07 kyrie solo 2
03:37 kyrie solo 3
04:29 Gloria
04:59 et in terra bass/tenor duet (sop descant) lead into BIG moment
07:55 qui tollis bass solo (quotes Mozart Requiem Tuba Mirum)
12:24 quoniam (reprise of Gloria)
15:07 Credo
16:44 et incarnatus est
18:49 crucifixus (quotes Bach's crucifixus from Mass in B minor)
20:56 et resurrexit
21:16 vivos et mortuos subito dynamics
24:30 Sanctus
25:53 Osanna (pleni sunt coeli)
26:17 Osanna (the real thing)
26:59 Benedictus
31:44 big trumpet finale to Benedictus
32:18 Osanna (benedictus)
32:59 Agnus Dei
35:58 Dona Nobis

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Mat Rix

Fantastic composition! Not enough people know about Papa Haydn today, and that's unfortunate for them because he wrote lots of wonderful music like this mass, as well as the Creation, 104 Symphonies, String quartets, concertos and sonatas for piano and on and on. Not only did he write a lot of music, but he continued to get better and better as he got older, and he learned from the younger masters who came up after him, most notably Mozart and even Beethoven.


A wonderful Mass. I played this roughly thirty years ago (first violin section) and it was so much fun. I love Haydn. Thanks so much for posting this.

Phil Arcuri

Just sang this at a concert in Budapest, Hungary. What a thrilling and enriching experience!

Ols Ds

yh did the same

Julianne Traven

I performed this last night and honestly being in the middle of the Kyrie is both thrilling and terrifying.


1. Kyrie 0:06
2. Gloria 4:31 (Quitollis 7:55 Quoniam 12:24 )
3. Credo 15:09
4. Sanctus 24:31
5. Benedictus 27:00
6. Agnus Dei 33:00 (vivace 35:57 )

David Herren

I've sung this Mass in the tenor part with a great choir and wonderful director. It was marvelous and this performance is excellent.

Mei Douthitt

It was this song that introduced me to the classical mass - and I've had a soft spot for them ever since!

Anaya Hernando

Our choir's performing this in May and I'm so excited!!!

DNeal Reed

Most beautiful. I knew nothing of Haydn until a Music Appreciation course at UTSA back in 1993. Purcell's Dido, Mozart's Requiem and Beethoven's everything... and this. Pure emotion. The apex of all things music.

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