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String Quartet In D Major Hob. III:63 : 4. Finale
Franz Joseph Haydn Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Garrett Rowland

What a wonderful moment when the Adagio transitions back into Major at 12:50. The whole adagio is an incredible movement: extremely lyrical and gorgeous.

It's interesting how the trio section of the minuet uses counterpoint like it does. I suppose it offers a nice contrast to the easy-going minuet.

The fugal middle section of the finale really adds the the already intense atmosphere.

Ivan Kace

@Duke Ezra no problem =)

Duke Ezra

@Ivan Kace thank you, signed up and it seems like they got a lot of movies there :D I really appreciate it!!

Ivan Kace

@Duke Ezra flixportal xD

Duke Ezra

i realize it is kinda randomly asking but does anyone know of a good place to watch new series online ?


There is something unique about Haydn string quartets; they are not only of rare beauty, but also have a unique calming quality in an increasingly frantic world.

F.K. Adriaanse

antoinekiwi2 jn


Finale reminds me the frenzy of Beethoven's op 59 n.3 finale. This one being 15 years older than the latter. WoW!



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