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String Quartet In D Minor Hob. III:76 : 1. Allegro
Franz Joseph Haydn Lyrics

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Elaine Blackhurst

@star dust
Thanks for your reply; my initial response was a polite form of saying ‘Nonsense’, but as you’ve explained your source, it makes more sense. It is however just possible that you might have mistaken which Beethoven they meant.

The great Haydn scholar HC Robbins Landon has speculated that Haydn gave up on his Opus 77 set after completing only the first two, and implied links to his having heard Beethoven’s Opus 18; the two composers were working on the sets simultaneously for Prince Lobkowitz.

It is of course pure conjecture: Haydn had supreme confidence in his own abilities and was unlikely to be intimidated by his former counterpoint pupil in the manner he was by Mozart with opera.

Haydn in short, gave up on Opus 77 for two reasons: declining health, and the supreme effort he needed to summon-up to complete The Seasons.
The BBC should have made this clear instead of peddling unsubstantiated theories, prestidigitation, and codology.

The BBC aka Radio 3 does some good work, but the semi-deification of Beethoven at the expense of almost all other composers during 2020 was at times both patronising and ridiculous - Beethoven does not need bigging-up, we all know his true stature already: thank you.

The BBC’s knowledge and understanding of Haydn has gone backwards since the days of HC Robbins Landon making regular broadcasts on Radio 3 in the 1970’s and 1980’s - a shame, because a proper understanding of Haydn - Mozart too - enhances our appreciation of Beethoven himself.

Haydn’s Opus 76 are one of the absolute pinnacles of string quartet writing in western classical music; occasionally equalled, they have never been surpassed.
You’re quite right to rate them so highly.

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Patrick MacNeil

Well, we know where Beethoven got some of his style now, don't we. Haydn, you were the master of the string quartet, but then so what, you invented it. Thanks for posting this opus Anthony.


I love the fact that you included the notes alongside with the music, many thanks !

Denny Phipps

Yes… impressive


Hmmm: I having been watching through the staccato marks - and the repeats. I reckon string players give themselves a shedload of leeway by saying “Oh, it’s a bowing mark, not phrasing!” Then vice versa when it suits them. As for repeats, I reckon it always makes a substantial difference. Humph.

Uriel Ripoll Gómez

There's two different types of staccato. Mostly it's the bowing mark one, but they're to be interpreted differently.


Oh yeah, I hope it's the beginning of a new series :) Thanks a lot!

Asta Bundgaard Wanscher

I love it! ❤

joojjoojstar k

Jesus this is beautifully crafted


@Rembrant Hock what

Rembrant Hock

gorfreckuf m Ahn

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