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String Quartet in A Major Hob.III:7 : 2. Menuetto
Franz Joseph Haydn Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Andrew Hill

Love the sounds of the instruments in this lovely performance.

Garrett Rowland

The little section at measure 13 of the adagio (7:50) is lovely. The interpretation of the first violin (adding their own ties, essentially) really adds to the beauty of the music.

Anrew Martin

The first movement really sets the tone for the quartet. It has been stated before that Haydn was so adroit by this time that his transition from themes was almost seamless. The second movement transitions perfectly from the first. Haydn was already a master at this genre.

Frans Meersman

A grandiose Quartet ! Thanks !

Concerned One

They say he didn’t get into his stride till op9 but the first movement of this is just something else.

Cevdet NACAR

Please listen to the arrangement of this quartet for two guitars by de Fossa; especially the third movement.

Michael T

Was für eine unglaubliche Aufrichtigkeit und Herzinnigkeit !!! Tepper Michael.

Edward Weaver

There was a time when I beleived that Op. Was short for "operation".

George Law

I notice that Piccolo Concerto Wien observes all repeats strictly (including those in the minuet reprises) whereas the Kodály Quartet doesn't always do that.


is that a bass?

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