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String Quartet in B Flat Major Hob.III:40 : 4. Presto
Franz Joseph Haydn Lyrics

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george norris

It did occur to me while I was listening to this that this is the epitome of the Classical musical style. Utter coherence, endlessly witty, lighthearted without frivolity, and perfectly structured. To understand Beethoven, listen to Haydn.

Rowan Harwood

A vs Bflat = Classical pitch. Tempi seem in keeping with modern understanding of period practice. I find this an animated and exciting performance. Good stuff!

Elaine Blackhurst

Excluding the ten early divertimento a quattro type quartets (c.1754 - 1761?), of the unbroken chain of 58 great string quartets by Haydn from Opus 9 (c.1769) to the unfinished Opus 103 (1803), this is arguably the most conservative quartet the composer wrote.

That said, it remains a superb work.

Dangerous Ideas

The prankster god at his best

Michael T

Joseph Haydn"s music ,especially quartets, has restrained architectonics. One can feel consonances deeply rejoicing soul.
Tepper Michael.

Remo Mazzetti

What total drivel.

Christoph Bader

@dude forcaster Yea, that's why I don't understand it. This complete opus 33 is not really restrained in compositional form - but Haydn experimented actually a lot.

It maybe seems restrained, when you compare it to much later works - but here he is (together with op 20) really developing new things and a lot of it.

dude forcaster

@Christoph Bader He is, in a very pretentious way, referring to it's structure. Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.

Christoph Bader

What do you mean by that? Restrained architectonics?

Carl Dumont

Young alpha auf entspaaannt

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