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String Quartet in C Major Hob.III:19 : 3. Adagio
Franz Joseph Haydn Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Garrett Rowland

From 13:13 (measure 19) to the end of the first half of the Adagio is incredible. Particularly that sublime moment at 13:24.

Elaine Blackhurst

Garrett Rowland
The 1st violin parts in these early quartets were written specifically for the Eszterhaza leader Luigi Tomasini who was a fine violinist; they were an opportunity for him to demonstrate his beautiful tone, skill, and virtuosity and were basically designed to showcase his ability to the Prince.

The ‘slow’ movements of all the Opus 9 and Opus 17 quartets allowed Tomasini his big moment and are without exception, very beautiful solo violin serenades.
Things changed with the revolutionary Opus 20!

Haydn himself almost certainly played the 2nd violin in what I will call the ‘Eszterhazy Quartet’, but the most astonishing thing about Opus 9 is that they are so professionally accomplished and full of interest even though in terms of the long history of the string quartet to the present day, they are little more than a foetus!

the eternal student

The solo instrument can represent the unity of the complete immediate family, but the string quartet can represent the balance of the complete immediate family.

Max Fochtmann

Комплименты! А звук и запис такой хороший.

Joseph Stephen

Reminds me of the sweet atmosphere of a peaceful library. :)

Mike Jet

This the new Kanye album?

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