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String Quartet in C Major Hob.III:32 : 2. Capriccio. Adagio
Franz Joseph Haydn Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


At 5:01 it almost sounds like the famous part of Binary Sunset (Luke's theme) from Star Wars. It's heard only for a few brief seconds before Haydn continues his modulation. So close, though! Finding stuff like this is one of the things I love about classical music.


yea i believe haydn said star wars was his favorite movie.

Felix Herron


Jonathan Berman

I always notice stuff like this too :)

Arthur Dias

+TheVerySpecialK I thought I was the only one who ever noticed this! Nice to see I'm not crazy or having experiencing auditory hallucinations!


The second movement of this quartet is simply breathtaking.

Garrett Rowland

I love the dialogue between the 1st violin and the cello in the development of the first movement (4:29).

What a gorgeous choice to have the cello be the first soloist of the Adagio (10:43), and what a moment when the 1st violin comes in with its solo in Eb Major at 14:20.

The trio section at 19:36 is a great shift in mood. Dark and haunting, yet it still feels like an embrace. Like being taken by death.

Brian W. Costigan

Good performance by Quatuor Mosaiques. Thanks for uploading!

Brian Knapp

Lots of excursions in to minor keys in the second movement. Very serious and melancholic.

Canon 120

Moderato: 00:00
Adagio: 10:13
Menuetto Allegretto: 17:36
Fuga a 4 soggetti, Allegro: 21:28

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