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String Quartet in C Major Hob.III:58 : 3. Allegretto
Franz Joseph Haydn Lyrics

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Garrett Rowland

The opening Allegro is so full of life, the Allegretto is lovely and cantabile (with incredible harmonic effects), and the Presto is one of Haydn's classic, joyful finales. Incredible quartet.

Gérard Begni

This quartet is typical of an intermediate manner in Haydn's art of writing quartets. The structure is absolutely perfect. Haydn plays with transition cells between the main themes. In his late quartets, he will tend not to use these cells any more and write seamless movements. This quartet is a masterwork. Thank you for having posted it.


Very few approached Haydn in quartet writing.

Elaine Blackhurst

The 68 string quartets of Haydn are one of the absolute pinnacles of western classical music.


We can not approach the spirit of some of the composers and people of that classical era.

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You are an acquarius like me


Thank you for posting. Beautiful music....


It's strange that Haydn wrote a B flat for the violin part at 13:08 ! This appoggiatura of the A makes a strong dissonance with the B natural, which, in addition, is the leading tone. I don't know how to explain that. Maybe he was absolutely afraid of doubling the leading tone...

Elaine Blackhurst

Over a very long composing career, Haydn’s tonal experimentation and avant la lettre atonal wanderings become more and more frequent as the years go by.

This tonal ambiguity is most evident in the late quartets and trios, and also in numbers like The Representation of Chaos at the start of The Creation where the tonal instability and unresolving harmonies are proto-Wagnerian.

John Kiunke

0:45 - I think the cellist is playing the wrong note, because the score shows a G but he/she is playing an E

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