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String Quartet in D Major Hob.III:3 : 2. Menuetto
Franz Joseph Haydn Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Billy Lovett

The first movement gives me goosebumps every time i listen to it


As with Haydn's very early symphonies, here, in this quartet, we can hear a number of styles being fused together in the invention of the second greatest musical art form. Amazing stuff by any standards.

Elaine Blackhurst

‘greatest’ is not really a measurable concept.

It might be said that the string quartet is the most demanding of genres in which to compose.

Because everything is totally exposed with just four parts, and every aspect of the composer’s inspiration, technique, skill, knowledge, and everything else, is laid bare - there is absolutely no place to hide.


whats the greatest in your opinion?

Santiago Lowe

one of my favorite string quartets ♡

AnnFench Lokentaz

Intemporel, incroyable adagio, de quoi rendre Haydn à jamais le maitre absolu de la musique...

Barret's Music

The 3rd movement has major Bach air in G vibes.

Jack Housman

This quartet seems to call for a double bass, instead of the usual cello.

Elaine Blackhurst

Jack Housman
It does and it does not.

Haydn’s original manuscript used the generic word ‘Basso’; this did not mean a double bass - actually in Haydn’s time a Violone - but meant simply the bass line instrument.

Similarly, rather like we may use the generic word ‘pasta’ today, we may actually mean and use ‘spaghetti’, or ‘penne’ or ‘tagliatelle’ and so forth.

It is absolutely certain that Haydn intended a cello, not a violone to be used; indeed, the word ‘Basso’ was corrected to ‘Violoncello’ on four of the six Opus 20 manuscripts (1772) to avoid exactly the sort of confusion you have highlighted.

Fernando Fernandez

Ese adagio...soberbio, supraterrenal.

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