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String Quartet in D Minor Hob.III:22 : 1. Moderato
Franz Joseph Haydn Lyrics

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In my opinion, one of Haydn's very best Quartets. Intricate, varied, and compelling. I could take or leave the minuetto personally, is all. :P

Elaine Blackhurst

Regarding the Minuet and ‘...take it or leave it’ - Mozart chose to take it.

Minuets are what they are, but this one is a bit more interesting; you might find with repeated listening that you will change your view as there is rather more to it than you have discovered so far.

Some pointers: firstly, as mentioned, Mozart no less, noticed this minuet and it is clearly the model for the minuet in his own d minor quartet K173.

In fact, he obviously knew the whole quartet very well, did you notice the foreshadowing of the famous opening of Mozart’s late g minor symphony (K550), in Haydn’s opening movement?

Other features to listen out for in the minuet include how far away Haydn has moved from a courtly dancing minuet; the irregular phrase structure coupled to wandering tonality and cadences often not resolving in the ways expected for c.1768 - 1770 when the works were composed.
The trio section, the only part in D major just features the two violins, the first playing entirely double stopped notes along with the second, thus creating a genuine trio texture.

In short, if you compare this with almost any contemporary minuet, it is in fact quite new, highly original, and rather sensuous, hence Mozart’s interest.

Hope that helps.

robert frank gill

A string quartet by Haydn in the minor key was a bit of an event back in the late 1760s.

Elaine Blackhurst

robert frank gill
From Opus 9 going forward, Haydn always included at least one minor key quartet in each set of six he published, two in Opus 20 (1772).

In the 58 quartets from Opus 9 to the unfinished Opus 103, there are as many as 11 minor key quartets, though none in the ten very early Opus 0, 1 and 2 ‘divertimenti a quattro’ works.

Citizen T

Compare the similar tranquil mood of this with his last quartet in d minor Op.103

Alex Palmer

18:25 (Presto) Thank me later. You know who you are



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