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String Quartet in E Flat Major Hob.III:80 : 2. Fantasia
Franz Joseph Haydn Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Lucas Zavaluentie

My god Haydn made a lot of quartets and chamber music. I can’t even fathom how an imperfect human would ever have the time to compose such a huge amount of music like this.

Gérard Begni

IN the last quartets of op. 76, Haydn did not use conventional sonata form in the first movements, which gave a peculiar for to the whole quartet.

the eternal student

the stereophonic effects created by the rhythmic interplay in the finale are captivating and i relish the long lines in the parts with the most syncopation and space in the accompaniment from 21:44 into 21:50 and ending at 22:19.


14:47 - Superb - Genesis chapter 28 verse 12 - behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it - Vidit Jacob SCALEM - to wit, E flat up and down - 15:37 Wow :)


@the eternal student
A reference to Thomas Créquillon 1505-57 who did something similar (Vidit Jacob Scalem) :)

the eternal student

Is this is a reference that Haydn made to Genesis, or one that you are making?

Lionel Emilio

@Elliott Troy lately I have been using FlixZone. Just google for it =)

Jonathan Graham

@Elliott Troy lately I have been using Flixzone. You can find it on google :)

Elliott Troy

I realize it's kinda off topic but does anybody know of a good site to watch new movies online ?

Garrett Rowland

He quotes himself from just two quartets back here. Compare the Fantasia with the second movement of Op. 76, No. 4

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