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String Quartet in E Flat Major Hob.III: 64 : 4. Finale. Presto
Franz Joseph Haydn Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


Haydn is the most underrated composer of alll.

Ben Lindsay

Only in the USA !

Elaine Blackhurst

richtrophicherbs I do sometimes wonder from the comments on YouTube if this view of Haydn being ‘underrated’ is rather more prevalent in the US than elsewhere; it is certainly not a view very widely held in Europe where his stature is more fully understood and recognised and where a wide variety of his works are performed regularly.


One of the most underrated geniuses ever.

Garrett Rowland

The Bb Minor section of the Andante at 9:44 is great. It really catches one off guard.

Love the glissandi in the trio section (13:49).

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