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String Quartet in E Major Hob.III:25 : 1. Moderato
Franz Joseph Haydn Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

John Barrett

I like Haydn's quartets generally, but this is a particular favorite, and this is a good performance. They had great influence on Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, and other composers

Elaine Blackhurst

John Barrett
Every composer who ever wrote a string quartet has been influenced to some degree by Haydn.

Timothy Thorne

This is incredibly beautiful music, and it's an "early" Haydn quartet (before opus 20, or "Sun" quartets).


This music is perfect!👌

Phils Phindings

Some of this reminds me of Beethovens Moonlight Sonata.

5est ye

We have spent two weeks examining this in music theory. Why is it f double sharp diminished? Why is that here? It’s in e major bro?

Jon Crompton

It’s functioning as a kind of 6/5 applied dominant to the next chord. In measure 15 it resolves straight to a 4/2 inversion of G#7. (In a simpler key, think of G6/5 with a B in the bass resolving to C4/2 with a Bb in the bass). In measure 36 it resolves to a root position G#7 chord. In both these cases it’s a kind of brief sequential use of the cycle of fifths to prolong the phrase.

5est ye

@Jon Crompton Wow thank you! I looked over my notes and makes a lot more sense

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