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String Quartet in F Major Hob.III:82 : 3. Andante
Franz Joseph Haydn Lyrics

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Kelvin Luk

Haydn's string quartets are so sonorous I can't get enough of them!

Yves Maze

Le troisième mouvement est évidemment celui qui retient l'attention de l'auditeur à la première écoute. 1799: Beethoven avait déjà commencé son Opus XVIII en partant du même niveau que celui où était parvenu Haydn dans ce très beau quatuor. Les exécutants sont parfaits et on ne pas faire mieux...

Major Powers

The Andante (11:49) is played correctly here in my humble opinion. I first heard this on a very old record my stepdad played for me and I don't remember the quartet who did it and it was slow like this as well. I've heard that a lot of players think Haydn was too happy and/or simplistic and feel like it leads to people playing this part way too fast. Almost every other version I can find on youtube is a hearty 20+ BPMs faster. This part played slowly has an immense depth and tragedy to it. This is one of my favorite pieces of music. And yes, there is also simplicity and happiness to it, but it's marked by a slow breath, beneath the march-like roll of the main melody, the counterpoint and harmony breaths slowly, like last breaths under a cloudy sky. Fitting that this was his last completed quartet. Haydn was a genius of the highest order.

Axel Amir

@Ernest Zavier you are welcome =)

Ernest Zavier

@Axel Amir Thanks, I signed up and it seems to work :D Appreciate it !

Raylan Royal

@Axel Amir yea, have been using flixzone for since march myself :D

Axel Amir

@Ernest Zavier I watch on FlixZone. You can find it by googling =)

Ernest Zavier

I know it's pretty off topic but do anyone know of a good place to stream new series online ?

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Max Fochtmann

3. ое движение как прямо из неба, спасибо.

C. Blomhert

Top of music literature, compositionhip and unforgettable in playing!

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