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String Quartet in G Major Hob.III:75 : 4. Allegro ma non troppo
Franz Joseph Haydn Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Garrett Rowland

Very playful sharing of themes in the opening allegro. Beautiful chromaticism in the Adagio, with lovely dialogue between the 1st violin and the cello, and some wonderful counterpoint in the finale. What a great way to open the Erdödy quartets.

Measure 94 of the Finale is a very cool moment, with the two violins passing off notes. 21:22

Op.127 Beethoven

One of my favorite String Quartetts

O. C.G.


Max Fochtmann

Вот - находка. Спасибо.

Massimo Maci


Gabriel Fromyhr

Hayden approaches the style of Beethoven in this quartet

Elaine Blackhurst

Gabriel Fromyhr I get your point, but...
Question: How can Haydn’s Opus 76 quartets ‘approach the style’ of something that does not yet exist?
Haydn’s Opus 76 was composed from autumn 1796 into the spring of 1797; Beethoven’s first quartets Opus 18 were composed between 1798 and 1800 (published 1801).
To my ears, like the piano trios Opus1, piano sonatas Opus 2, and 1st symphony, Beethoven is clearly setting off down his own path with the Opus 18 string quartets.
Haydn’s style is I think his own, not something that should be defined as approaching some other composer.
(That said, the one thing where I think you might have a point, is that the genuine one-in-a-bar scherzi of Opus 76 came from Haydn hearing the Beethoven trios and sonatas mentioned above).

Gabriel Fromyhr

Gorgeous counterpoint

Sofia DiMaggio


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