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Symphony 100 In G 'military'/Adagio
Franz Joseph Haydn Lyrics

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하이든 - 교향곡 [100번] [군대]
[트럼펫]과 [팀파니 도입]
[터기악기]로 여겨지던 [트라이앵글], [심벌], [큰북]등의 타악기 음향 도입


14:02 Man Mahler just took this part for his fifth


I mean you can find it in Mendelssohn's midsummer, and his piano incidental

Elaine Blackhurst

@Guido Anselmi
The historical context is important - as I have explained above - if interested.

Elaine Blackhurst

@Mikko Korhonen
You’re quite right that the use of a trumpet fanfare - actually an Austrian army military call - was not uncommon.

What was unusual was the way it was worked into a movement that was Haydn’s biggest hit symphony whilst in England.

The reason for this, as recorded in the spectacular London newspaper reviews, was that the movement tuned into - absolutely and completely - the fears of a nation under a serious war threat from revolutionary France*.
Up to Trafalgar in 1805, there was a real danger of invasion, and it was probably the biggest threat as such to the security of the British Isles between the Spanish Armada in 1588, and the German Luftwaffe of 1940.

It is this historical context that actually makes the trumpet call rather more original than you suggest.

* Haydn was well aware of the war situation; he had seen thousands of French prisoners on a trip to review warships in Portsmouth, and on his return to Vienna in August 1795, rather than take the normal shorter route across the English Channel to Calais, had had to take the longer North Sea crossing to Hamburg.

Guido Anselmi

@Mikko Korhonen
Exactly. You can point to dozens of other pieces that have moments/openings like that.

Mikko Korhonen

It's a trumpet fanfare, not exactly the most original musical idea in the world.

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