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Symphony 99 In Eb/Adagio
Franz Joseph Haydn Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Sam A.

This symphony is simply perfection, an absolute masterclass in sonata form. One of Haydn's best for sure

Edward Howard

This has been my favourite since 1983. Is there anyone better than Haydn for combining high art and high spirits.

t enomoto

The development of the finale is a masterclass on how to develop a simple theme contrapuntally and distribute it between voices. Haydn at his subtlest.

Elaine Blackhurst

Beethoven copied out much of the first movement development for study purposes for precisely the reasons you have noted.

t enomoto

@Elaine Blackhurst I am not at all surprised by the anecdote about Beethoven. Indeed, this is an extraordinary passage. To quote a German commentator on the finale: "clarinets, flutes, bassoons, oboes and horns as well as the strings throw their thoughts like a ball [...]. The mobility of the orchestral writing and its information density and information speed reach a level here that cannot be found in any other composer.” To my mind, it is more complex even than the denser pages of Mahler (the first movement of his Ninth symphony, for instance).

José Lopes

This is another masterpiece of Haydn, the elegance, harmony and grace are amazing. The author was really the symphony father. The music are sublime and divine. Viva Haydn and his musical genius. The orchestra and direction are magnificent. Thanks for this remarkable recording.


Wonderful underrated symphony. Shame that it isn't played that much in concert halls and/or venues.

George Law

Haydn experiments with tonality in this symphony (the first of his in which clarinets are used): though the main key is E flat, the slow movement is in G major and the trio in C major. Note how the music at 18:55 moves effortlessly from the end of the minuet (E flat) to the start of the trio (C): the modulation is achieved through the note G, which is both the mediant of E-flat major and the dominant of C major. Little things like this are a source of fascination for me – and Haydn's symphonies are full of such little gems.


Thank you perfessor!

Orden Just

I like the part that goes "pum pum pum pum pum pum."

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