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Symphony No 82 in C major The Bear -fourth mov
Franz Joseph Haydn Lyrics

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Elaine Blackhurst

A sensational performance clearly enjoyed by performers, the audience, and those of us able to watch on YouTube.

Fantastic conducting by Francois Leleux, he has - not inappropriately - virtually danced his way through this symphony, shaping the phrasing, and controlling the orchestra beautifully whilst allowing the wonderful musicians to play.

Very well judged tempi, the slightly slower minuet movement is important to balance the quicker allegretto ‘slow’ movement.

One polite suggestion, in this repertoire - Haydn and Mozart, plus Beethoven too - it’s a good idea to adopt 18th century practice and split the violins (ie seat them opposite each other on either side of the conductor), rather than adopt the later 19th century practice as seen here.

The split violins was as the composers intended, and helps to bring out some of the antiphonal effects better.

Thanks for posting this brilliant, gripping performance - it was much appreciated.

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Brian Crowle

Wonderful. This is the way to play Haydn! I shall be looking out for more youtube videos from this brilliant orchestra and conductor. Thanks to all those involved in bringing this beautifully engineered video to youtube for us all to enjoy

Tom Boyer

Wow, Bravo! I've never heard of this group. The crispness of playing and ensemble is like Academy of St. Martin in the Fields in its prime. It is so great to see modern instruments with virtuoso players used to play Haydn with baroque informed interpretation. It's like the best of both worlds!

stephen kurtz

It is superbly played AND it's a CHAMBER orchestra..the only sort that's right for Haydn. Bravo!

Elaine Blackhurst

@stephen kurtz
It’s a debatable point; all the available evidence points to the fact that all six of the symphonies 82 to 87 written for the French capital were going to be performed with an orchestra of about 60 in Paris - hardly a chamber orchestra.

Edward Howard

@Elaine Blackhurst Nice to correspond with someone who knows their Haydn. Did you know that the original orchestra were supposed to carry their swords when they played. No swords on view here.

Camille Saint-Saens

The pace, tempo, and timing to this performance is very good. The conductor is energetic and places emphasis where it needs to be to bring out the most of his players. Just love the timpani at the initial melody. His music encompasses the good-humored nature of the human spirit.

Marian Mendrek

Rewelacja! - myślę, że i Haydna cieszy takie wykonanie... boskiej muzyki nikdy dość!

antonio veraldi

A flood of originality and inspiration and an outstanding rendition

Steve Schatz

It's been forever since I've listened to this symphony. There are 105 others and I've been otherwise occupied. But today I listened to "Bear" with new ears. I'm not sure if this symphony was intended as the first for the set, but it does set a new standard on many levels. I was laughing with delight at the conclusion. Just astonishing. And a first-rate orchestra with precision and involvement and a superb conductor.

Fernando Villegas

Are you depressed? Do you feel bad? Haydn put you OK in an instant because his music is not only beautiful but so glad and happy, so plenty of divine detachment and humor.

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