Massage Seats
Freddie Gibbs & Madlib Lyrics

Yeah, bitch say what's up, I said, uh
Nigga, flip a brick
Bitch ask me what's up, I said, uh
Pimp a bitch
Diamonds in the woodgrain wheel, nigga
Nigga, Kane

Golden State the roster, my garage deep
Floating in the foreign on massage seats
Yeah, keep, keep designer on a broad feet
I been water whippin' Earl Simmons, all my dawgs eat
44 Bulldog, all my dawgs bite
Flexin' AMG, pushin' redline through the red light
Spot a pussy boy with a red dot, bust a headshot
They got us in the scope, all this bread talk really fed talk
Yeah, nigga, fuck it, get your money on
Still takin' calls on this money phone
Every Sunday morning, I hit Maurice with the MoneyGram
He was major league, I'm pitchin' softball, underhand
These niggas don't understand
This ain't for soccer mamas, this for the underground
Niggas was the shit last summer and now they numbers down
Rappers gettin' decked for they jewels, I keep that tool with me
I go Makaveli on Hugh's brothers, bitch, who the menace?

Yeah, Kane, nigga
And I was hittin' bitches, I'm talkin' 'bout
I was hittin' R&B bitches
When a nigga was broke and shit, you know what I'm sayin', nigga?
You know what I'm sayin'?
Platinum bitches, you know what I mean?
Bitches on the charts, you feel me? Yeah
You know what I mean, not just really big bitches tryna get on, you know what I'm sayin'?
Yeah, Kane Season

Yeah, nigga, fuck it, get your money on
Still takin' calls on this money phone (Yo, what up?)
Every Sunday morning, Keshia hit me with the MoneyGram
Touchdown in the Chi and make that pussy do the money dance
I should have a tux on in this bitch, me and money make holy matrimony
Shot caller, put them shooters on you like D'Antoni
Top dollar, lock me up and I make the bond, no
Big baller, father, you my son like Lonzo (Bitch)
Entertainer with a lot of trap contacts
We pushin' packs 'cause in this rap, it ain't no max contract
With fifty on a nigga head, that's a trap contract
And catch him with a car full and push they whole shit back
Seats in the 600, push they whole shit back
I flip a flow and do a show and get the whole clique racks, bitch
Whippin' Earl Simmons, all my dawgs eat
Golden State the roster, my garage deep
Floating in the foreign on massage seats

Yeah, see, you gotta see, nigga, you know, you gotta understand (Yeah)
I'm from Gary, niggas ain't used to no, no foreign cars, you know what I'm sayin'? (Fuck nigga)
Like, I remember when
When that nigga Ced came through with the
C, C230 or some shit, C or E class, some shit
I'm like "Nigga? Get out that motherfuckin' auntie Benz, nigga"

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Written by: Frederick Tipton, Otis Jackson

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Comments from YouTube:

Meme Meme

One of the best beats ive ever heard

Clutch Professional Plays

@c l o u d s t r e e tOh it’s possible 😂😂😂😂 i’m next level madlib influence and beyond.

David Munoz

@Juan Aceves to be honest who knows when the beats were actually made, coulda been as early as 2005 for all we know

Juan Aceves

@David Munoz yup he actually did this beat in 2010-11, Blu originally used this beat on his UCLA tape w/Madlib


The production he did on the OJ Simpson collab with Guilty Simpson is heavy as well.

David Munoz

I’ve downloaded literal dozens of gigabytes of “unreleased” madlib beats back when torrents were popular . This one is oollllddd. I wanna say he recycled this from one of the medicine show tapes. At least half of pinata was throwaway beats

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This album is amazing af and that timing of that explosion tho


Psomi unbelievable

duncan pinderhughes

i'm witchu..i caught that too


Listening in Tracklist order, already had a heart attack...I'm afraid if I listen anymore I'm gona die. Every beat is too goddamn strong!

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