Freddie Gibbs & Madlib Lyrics

'Blood gushing, I think I hear a sirens'

Chiefing on that, think I hear my heart beat
Freddie smoking, got me rolling stogies on a dark street
Let's jack this nigga cause he got some shit we can't afford
Another day in Gary, 'nother couple niggas in the morgue
He got the beating, his weed crumbs on plush seats
Niggas wanna hate, they get yellow tape'd and white sheets
And he steady talking, my chopper, he gonna let it rip
All the bullets tagging my name on this banana clip
Life's a bitch, I was a virgin, hope she let me fuck
Pray I miss before a nigga bust his last nut
Homie '84 got the same ribs that mine had
Freddie jumped up in it like fetch me in with the dime bags
I started small time, dope game, cocaine
Pulling stick ups to the nigga from a no name
Diamond bezel, went from pebbles to a whole thing
Now them punk detectives in my section know my whole name
Gibbs, nigga

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Otis Jackson, Fredrick Jamel Tipton

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Comments from YouTube:

New Perspective

Sad this will go undiscovered by so many people


But not by us yo!

Michael Graham

Still has

Sudais Inam

& here I am, I listened to Bandana in 2019 but never knew about this one, till now. So far, I'm loving Piñata, more than Bandana.

Jamie McCallum

If they aren't looking for new stuff they'll never find it

uDrB Q


15 More Replies...

Trevor Smith

This is the song that got me hooked on this album. This song crack, yo. This whole album crack.


That's why it's called pinata, it's filled with treats.


This beat sounds like it came straight out of a god damn 70s Blacksploitation movie.

Hakeem Ahmad Jamal

It sounds like On the Corner by Miles Davis

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