Freddy Cannon Lyrics

Way down south in Okefenokee
The sun goes down
And the air is cool

There's a real neat beat
Traveling over the water
It's making me a dancing fool

Okefenokee, Okefenokee
Choowa, choowa, choowa

Out on the lake
Down in Okefenokee
Riverboat where
The cats all show

Stomping their feet
And clapping in rhythm
It's wilder than a rodeo

Okefenokee, Okefenokee
Choowa, choowa, choowa

On the deck of the boat
Down in Okefenokee
Met a Georgia peach who
Was raring to go

She danced up a storn
With her pom-poms booming
Someone hollered, fire below

Well, the boat
Went down in Okefenokee
Well, the cats and chicks
Went for the door

My baby and I
Stole a kiss on the water
I kissed her all
The way to shore

Okefenokee, Okefenokee
Choowa, choowa, choowa

Come on, Georgia
Let's party, sugar
Yeah, bye bye
So long for now, baby

Come on, Georgia...

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belisario guerra

Cover: Los Gliders ( Mexico ) - La rebeldona ( 196? ).

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