Here We Go
Freestylers Lyrics

One-two mike check 1998
Settin' it straight, for you and yours, rocksteady
Big dedicational shoutout's going to the freestylers in the dance tonight
As we touch down listening pressure to you and yours, don't forget
Leave your name on the dotted line, don't forget your zodiac sign

Here we go on a ride with the new Freestylers
(here we go) Freestylers (here we go, here we go)
Here we go on a ride with the new Freestylers
(here we-here we go) Freestylers (here-here-here we go, here we go)

By definition it's the Don
With the KV in the brand new song
Giving use of freestle, freestyle flows
With the d, with the o, with the n you should know
We've been flowing since '88
We're the greatest of ease get it straight we're great
Dance to this 'cause the bass is deep
Prance to this 'cause your girl looks sweet
I must repeat, we can rock your world
In the meanwhile shake it girl
The precious MC's are back again
With the old school flow just setting the trend, yeh


Mike 1 check here was on the set
Flowing with the freestyle, coming correct
Like a ruffneck scout, here to make you shout
Old school flow what the jam's about
See, I go about like a microphone cord
'Eager to MC' is my calling card
So here's the return of the one on the mike
Definition of Sound is in the house tonight
Due to the fact that the entire nation
Hates an MC sounding like a compilation
We come forth, back off sabatical
Keep the old flow, nothin' too radical
Passing the vibes with the greatest of ease
You think it's 5 or 4, not 2 MC's
My main man, Don, is a Gemini
Scorpio is my zodiac sign

(Chorus X 2)

(Record Scratching Voice):
"We're rocking you down
We're rocking you down
We're rocking you down
We're rocking you down"

The original way you love MC's
Kick it to a crowd without a fee
Many have tried and are eager to please
I've gotta get paid 'cause I have my needs
What I really want does grow on trees
What I really have flows like a dream
Roll in the pub will create a breeze
Pulling out the stops, no need to tease
Your MC's come in their 2's and 3's
Try to dismiss, sucker MC please
You never come close to vibes like these
I got more styles across the frees
Taking my spot is a never could be
Making rhymes faster than Linford Christie
Time is up, time for me to leave
Shut the door after me please


Somebody say cheeba
Everybody (cheeba)
Somebody say cheeba
Everybody (cheeba)

Somebody say make money money, make money money money

Make money money, make money money money (x2)

(Record Scratching Voice):
"Here we go
Here we go, here we go"

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Leon Mullen

Dude where's my car...

AA 93

Breakdancing stripper emergency


Best scene in that movie!

Ani Mal

Holy crap. I remember seeing this on MTV, when MTV was 'Music Television' So blessed to have been around when music was music <3


Thats why I'm watching it now,saw it in Mtv.

Lone Star Wanderer

Saw this in early '99 on MTV and again in the Summer. Best Summer ever!

Daniel Garcia

Hell yeah player. Summer of 99 was pimp

Matthew Lewis

I've been looking for this song for days, weeks, months and years.

Kenneth James

Dead serious man me too. Every now and then I would Google that shitt and never get a good result. Years!

100 subs without a video


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