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by Fugazi

Can't ask for more so why unfulfilled we take apart everything we build had it right here but now it's gone on and on break


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Brett Bewley

This song perfectly examplifies why they were so great. They played as a complete unit. The drumming stands out. The guitar playing stands out. The duel vocals and how they would trade off lead singer duties. Just they way they functioned was so democratic, all four members were completely vital to the sound. These guys were my Beatles.


I was just thinking this same thing. It's the quintessential Fugazi song.

Ciaran O Sullivan

Brett Bewley yep , that is how I feel about this band .Thats what I tell people .there are my Beatles.

mathew richwalski

Adrian Powell i think only the producers were, on account of whom or how to better gain sales and while not on an album but by albums they were, there's a john a paul a ringo and a george album throughout, plus if you've ever had your shit kicked by your dad, this is the music for listening in those times when you weren't, ya know, so you don't go around in-bashing people's heads

Brett Bewley

@Adrian Powell Ok thank you then captain contrarian.

Adrian Powell

the beatles were not democratc in any shape or form

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It's definitely too short.

Out Of Step

Long time Fugazi fan.  Break is a masterpiece bordering on flawless.

Monument Pictures

I can't stop listening to this song. The whole album is great, but this one in particular is just so goddamn captivating, it's hard to put its beauty and smooth urgency into words.


4 people dont deserve ears...

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