War Games
Full Of Evil Sin (F.O.E.S.) Lyrics

Uh yeah uh uh uh
What, Crooklyn Dodger Number 2
O.C., yeah back in the scene muthafucka
Me and Premo, you know, East New York
Bushwick, Bedstuy, and all those good places

My main frame, discipline like a soldier
Ready for war, pushups get my chest swoll up
What's the deal Preme? I mean the scaze
I think I got it locked in nigga, War Games is the theme
Rap commando, what's my handle
O.C. ample to rock shit
Battle niggas who pop shit
Green bareen thought slicka
I'm one step ahead, slide thru enemy lines like a black ack figga
Camouflage, runnin thru you zone with detection
Cuz the dark skinned marksmen
Run thru your section
Flesh ya bones, physical built like titanium
Bugs cover my grill like Iranians
Ill gorilla so called killas
I fear no man but Allah, for the god is he is still in us
The Renaissance Man, I roll with real like grenade
sharp like gem stars
Cause massive scars
O.C.'s all in it, dope I've been for years
Now I'm back in the scene, and I declare War Games

I bust off like a M-16
Rippin thru screens from head to toe, blood soak up your jeans
Rap veteran, earn my stripes, faught wars
Opposing forces, would O.C. take losses?
Naucious, you feelin kinda like throwing up
Cautious, watch ya step, land rhymes blowin up
Havin a pity for foes, fuck G.I. Joe
He's a sucker, slap the taste outta wild motherfuckas
Design a rhyme, like a plan for the government
Six Million like Steve Austin, costin
Apprehended if I am
In times and my body will erupt *explosion*
M-16 tapecatin, voids filled with ammo
Bust it through a crowd, a bitch nigga sing soprano
When I get you in the square, then I end you career
All MC's lets make one thing clear
You're all the same, I will remain, fuck the fame
Feelin the lane to shoot, I declare War Games

[Chorus: x2]
I declare War Games
For niggas who flaunt figgas for more fame
Gorilla warfare, tactics issue unlimited access to ammo
With fire proof camouflage and power

Precise pinpoint it, pull it, when I cock back
This here rap will slap you and your team, and that bad bitch
Sleaves from my uncut, raw like cope
Preme dig up boys, roll up and smoke
Then toge it, back to B.I.
See I can do this, I'm professional
Too much weight to weigh any style
Dutch Master superior blend, inhale me right
Young Phillies take a toke of my rap, and get the
Willies para-
Noid, niggas all non void
Fuck with O.C., get your life destroyed
Like a marine, I'm a trained rap killing machine
Fiend to rock a mic, set from New York to New Orleans
Over seas I conquer, rough like blanca
Love to eat actors, gotta take for drama
When I flow I get comatose
In my own world
From the first verse, you saw my plan unfurl
I mean team same name, never change
My ammo is the demo competition on the mic
War Games

"War Games"
"War Games"
"War Games"
"War Games"
"War Games"

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Most interesting comments from YouTube:


I feel like you've never played the game with some of these. Either that or you weren't paying attention. Sindri explains later on that their dwarf magic allows them to travel between realms and even makes himself 'invisible' at one point by stepping between realms to show Atreus before telling him the invisibility doesn't work on dragons. They don't need the gate portals or the world tree.

The fact that you have the moment in the video and still question how Sindri and Brok move around before the characters is either fully for the purpose of being able to count it as a 'sin' or ignorance.

Baldur is not known as Baldur in the first encounter, only the stranger and while he might be bad at negotiating, he's not asking anything of 'Kratos'. He's there to find the giant he knows is living in the woods - that Kratos and Atreus have never been out of so no, they didn't see the protection spell - not Kratos. He was looking for Laufey, who Mimir states later was a legend among the aesir. He had never seen her so Baldur obviously hadn't either and mistook Kratos for her, the last of the giants.

He threw the axe in the water because the axe returns to him by magic. He wasn't worried about losing it. Atreus thinks his dad is still human after crazy physical feats because he's never seen anyone but his parents.

No one ever says how much time has passed between GOW 3 and this game so why assume it's only been a few years or 'not that long'? Kratos is a God. It makes more sense to believe this game took place hundreds of years after the last game instead of trying to tie everything into a conventional, mortal timeline.

I get that this is a joke video but damn. I feel like you just watched some cutscenes and made the video.

Safwan Rana

I know this is a joke video, but some of these sins honestly hurt my soul because of how unjustified they are. For example, Kratos being more harsh with Atreus than Calliope makes more sense than if he wasn't, because Spartans boys train from birth and receive harsh treatment daily, whilst daughters are taught how to fight and get a small bit of combat training to protect their village. The kind of cold treatment Atreus receives here is extremely loving by Kratos' standards.

Also, the sin about dwarven travel between realms is explained right in front of you, yet you still feel the need to sin it? It's pretty simple. Dwarven magic is so incomprehensible for humans that they do not understand what they are seeing, so they see nothing at all. The reason why dragons can see dwarves but humans can't is like tracker dogs being able to smell for clues whilst humans can't. It makes perfect sense.

Also, there is technically no such "convenience" in this game, as everything you set out to do is controlled by fate. So let's say you decide to not complete story missions for over a month, instead focusing and completing all side missions before you face Baldur at the end. Well, technically Faye has already anticipated that, hence all the ledge markings everywhere you go. No matter how far you steer away from the main objective, or how convenient the main objective seems, Faye has already planned for it. Because everything that happens in the game was meant to happen.

Finally, because I can't keep going on forever, Baldur had never seen Faye in his life. Baldur was sent by Odin to find a giant in Midgard because that would be the only way for Baldur to undo the magic Freya had put on him. Odin was lying, of course, but bear in mind, Odin didn't say, "Go find the giant known as Laufey. She's a woman, who has an axe, and she's living in Midgard. Can't miss her." All he said was, "Go find the giant hiding in Midgard." Much more vague, which is why Baldur mistook Kratos for being the giant in question. Everything Baldur says to Kratos when they first meet clearly tell us he is looking for a giant, but at the time, we thought he was talking about Kratos, which is a testament to how fantastic the dialogue in this game is. For example, when Baldur says, "Thought you'd be bigger...", he's referring to how Giants are typically big creatures, but we thought he was smack-talking about how the Ghost of Sparta wasn't as big as he thought he'd be. When Baldur says, "I thought you're kind was supposed to be so enlightened-", he's referring to how the giants were supposed to be the most intelligent of all the races, but we thought he was talking about how the Greeks were so enlightened in their science and philosophy.

Oh yeah, and for the love of God (of War), do some research before you post these videos. The only way to make these videos funny is if the sin is completely justified and is actually a flaw within the game's story. Making unjustified sins makes the video irritating to watch. It doesn't matter if you only sin once, as long as it is a good sin. E.g. Kratos never tried to look for the Blades of Chaos, instead trying as hardest as he could to throw them away, or banish them for good. But because the Blades are cursed, they always found their way back to him, which is why he keeps them tucked away in his home, as a reminder of the atrocities he has committed.

But all in all, it was a good video, and it had me laughing a couple of times. And remember what Kratos has said: "Speed costs accuracy.".


1) Kratos doesn't know Baldur at the point he arrives at Kratos' home, so wouldn't know he's a literal invulnerable God.

2) The boar isn't actually a boar. It's a shapeshifter that got trapped in a boar form. Faye explains this if you go back to her home after doing the garden part. He's the LAST shapeshifter.

3) Yes way boy could have killed all those Elves on his own. He's a God.

4) Giving a sin to Kratos badassery when the dragon dies is a sin in itself.

5) Ragnarok is theorized to have happened in the late 10th century, roughly 1000 years after the Fall of Sparta. So it's possible Kratos has been in Midgard that long and Tyr could have picked up trinkets from Greece.

6) Kratos got the idea of the flying boat from boy using the lantern to honor his mother in the mountain.

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Baldur doesn't tell Kratos what he wants because he thinks Kratos is a giant. Since giants can see the future, Baldur says "You already know what I want"

emanuela bellani

Bruh he says i thought your kind was supposed to be so enlightened referring to grecks

Matthew Gabriele

And even if he didnt see the future, a giant would know exactly what Baldur, an aesir god, would want. He is obviously a son of Odin and loyal to him and that means he wants the way to jotunheim


@Eagle Xtreme Gt
Correct, but he was his mission was technically to find Jotunheim. He was sent by Odin to do so.

Eagle Xtreme Gt

@Homeboy_Brando baldur just wanted to be cured by faye a giant he thought kratos was a giant


Close. You’re half right. Baldur says Kratos already knows because the Gods have been searching for the Giants and the way to Jotunheim, and the remaining Giant on Midgard was in hiding to keep the way to Jotunheim a secret.

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The thing with the apples.... In Ancient Greece tossing an apple was a marriage proposal

Timbo Underskroll

You mite wanna reread that wiki page

Stosh Slaes

It's not a marriage proposal. The goddess Discord threw a golden apple that had "to the fairest" engraved in it into a crowd at a wedding, which caused Aphrodite, Athena, and I believe Hera? To have a beauty contest to decide whom it was for. The act of throwing flowers at a wedding comes from the myth of the golden apple

Velkro Gaming

jealous of what? everybody knows a fact someone else doesn't know.

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