Pussy Ain't Shit
Funkdoobiest Lyrics

Pussy ain't shit but lips and clits x 4

Verse 1:
One vagina, two vagina just like a minor
I'm gonna go deep paid fuck for reminder
doobie can't spark itch my dick with the clitoris
isn't this cause all the pussy can't get with this
shaving the anus, smelly who sprayed it
she grabbed my dick with the pussy lips sagging
i just fuck the pussy, then I just throw it out
it ain't shit the bitches be acting like its gold
sucking, fat lips swelled with the ovaries
the space in between was her urinary opening
vagina walls pollute my dick with the uteris
Funkdoobiest, yo girls ain't used to this
fallopean tubes, the pussy's pulsating
and clitoris is hot my way I'm masterbating
waiting for the skin, but isn't all for me though
the pussy ain't shit fuck a bitch and her ego

Pussy ain't shit but lips and clits x 4

Verse 2:
What was that, the pussy just farted
I lubricate the lips vagina walls had parted
the cervix of her uteris, I saw Mrs. Diaphram
pussy ain't shit give it to me in a frying pan
who's catching coodies pussy gotta doodie
brush with the remedy we'll give it up the booty
a turn on, the passage to the female genitals
i won't play myself and giving em my principal
physical, female, anatomy sad to see
a pressed pussy lip drip so don't be mad at me
brothas in prison doing time for the coochie
the tuna, the shrimp, the snatch, and the sushi
vaginas discharged, spots on the panties
unsanitary cause the pussy's too hairy

Pussy ain't shit but lips and clits x 4

Verse 3:
Nigga want to die for the pussy and fight for the pussy
kill for the clit yo I ain't going out
it's just me on the marrow, a muscle for the friction
cold sex for no sex that's my prediction
diction, speak the x-rated lingo
waiting on my dick I hit the g-spot bingo
pussy lips wrinkled, the wet soft and nappy
a menstrating cycle that's never acting happy
hormones, metapause, cramps yo I wonder
pussy can't bury niggas six feet under
others won't listen, vaginas all busted
Son's so disgusted, can't be trusted
infested, dirty with the monostat 7
rotten was the clitoris and pussy lips infected
remember I said the first time it came to me
now I look back and shit it's all the same to me

Pussy ain't shit but lips and clits x 4

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The anthem of Feminism.

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Probably the only rap song in the world that has "Fallopian tubes" in the lyrics, lmao.

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