The Hunter
GTR Lyrics

It don't come easy that's understood
Fainthearted loser that's no good
Just take a lesson from the great Mohammed
He said, he said
Pick up a rifle, you must be strong
To take a title can be so long,
If you believe, you can't go wrong,
I said, I said, listen
He's a fighter, he's my friend
Always winning in the end,
He's no angel, he's no fool,
Never plays it by the rule,
Take the glory, steal the prize,
Only the hunter, only the hunter
You took your chances, you hurt your pride
A sense of failure is hard to hide
You crossed the limit, you broke the code
Back on the road

He's a rival, he's my friend
Always winning in the end,
He's a tiger, he's a swan,
He's the one I'm counting on,
To take the glory, steal the prize,
Only the hunter, only the hunter
I'm on the outside, I'm looking in,
Through the lenses then into film,
I've got the target set in my sights,
I see a vision of truth,
Look out
We're gonna fight until we drop,
We're gonna get back to the top,
We're gonna be the first in line,
Winners till the end of time
Only the hunter, only the hunter,


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Comments from YouTube:

Bernadette Bacon

Yes Dad!! Still gives me goosebumps hearing this even though i was only 1 when it was released!! LOVE!!!!!xxxx

Teresa Thomas

Oh my. Well, I got goosebumps when this record came out... all those years ago! And are you singing?! I’m sure you have a great voice!

Gregory Thielen

GTR reminds me of best friend. Rest in peace brother.


I had one to....RIP Michael Whitmore.
Best singer lead guitarist I ever knew.


This song reminds me of a very difficult time while up at college. Failing classes, roommates from hell itself and family issues back home. I used to listen to this song a lot during those days. I lost the battle that year but came back the year after and in the course of eighteen months, finished what I started by the grace of God.
Bittersweet memories.

Jos Nas

God! I miss these those days. Haven't heard this song in years. Brought tears to my eyes. I'm an older Veteran.I was in Germany in 86 to 89. Saw them there. One of my best concerts. This is my favorite Band of all time.

Chris CJC

Great Album, still listen to it since I bought it on cassette back in 1986...

Scott Fox

Yup. Awesome music back then. Todays music sucks.

mikey p

@Scott Fox My dad got it on CD, Or as they some times called it in the 80's-Compact Disc as you know :-)

Scott Fox

Chris CJC Me too

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