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Slow Down
by Gabriel Kahane

Tarpaulin sailboats and sports cars are splayed on
Everyone's plot of suburban green rayon
This is the stuff that philosophers pray on

She left New York to uncover her feeling
Deep in the forest she comes to a clearing
Where spiders and frogs climb down from the ceiling
She slows down
Yeah she slows down

Well the scene on the sidewalk is grassy green terror
Everyone smiles as the summer gets fairer
She can't shake the skin off this neon unbearable sky
And they slow down
Yeah they slow down

And see the soldiers smoking cigarettes
And making bombs and placing bets
And telling tales of girls who slept beside them at home

In the clearing she takes off her skirt and her flip flops
Wades in the water it grazers her knee tops
She floats on her back, looking up at the blue drops of sky
And she slows down
Yeah she slows down

Well she falls asleep on the creek and the stillness
The spiders and frogs and the clearing bear witness
To words dropped like pearls on the water unnoticed
Just how deep they go
And she slows down
Yeah she slows down
Yeah she slows down

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