Gary Numan Lyrics

I don't like the film
I don't like the film
Play it all back
Play it all back

And I don't like the scenery
And I don't like the set so
Pull it all down
Pull it all down
But I like the actors
And I like the show

We're so exposed
We're so exposed
Anything can happen
Anything can happen

Don't let them see
Don't let them know
And you wonder why
And you wonder why

Turn off the lights
And turn off the sound

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David Minken

1979. People forget just how completely ahead of the curve this was.

The whole trick to it is that he had a live rhythm section laying down a swanky groove, and he was running the synths through guitar effects pedals, giving it a raw, organic sound despite the sparse arrangements, proto-electronica, and PKD-inspired lyrics.

charles mcwilliam

Yes, I agree. This album blew my mind away. I played and played it... still playing it...

Scott Macleod

However he did it the fact is he did it! And you didn't! Gary paved the way for bands like NIN. I listen to these songs today and there still good.

Jeff Baker

This fucking rules. Psychedelic.


I think more luck than intention, more like poverty given than what he was able to afford at the time but still and all you are spot on, running the synths through the guitar effect pedals gave it a sound unmatched, brilliant. The trick after that i think was to create the verse,chorus and simplify it. The abrupt vocals added to the sound, the creation was just snappy and poppy and to the point. He lost it in later years post Telekon/Dance because of his laziness with new technology and his new found wealth, the raw booted out and the fact that he all of a sudden he thought he could carry a tune.

Miguel Araujo

Still amazing. Love it!

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Sarah's Riding The Storm Wave.

I like to imagine a man in a trench coat in a sci-fi film, wandering around a cyberpunk neo noir city while this is playing in the background.

david rubio

That can just see it

cats raptor231

= ]

Alan Lloyd

Me too!!!!! I love the words "Neo NOIR".... great comment

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