Gary Numan Lyrics

I don't like the film
I don't like the film
Play it all back
Play it all back

And I don't like the scenery
And I don't like the set so
Pull it all down
Pull it all down
But I like the actors
And I like the show

We're so exposed
We're so exposed
Anything can happen
Anything can happen

Don't let them see
Don't let them know
And you wonder why
And you wonder why

Turn off the lights
And turn off the sound

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God I love how that haunting synth comes in......

Bill Lukes



just heard it soon as I read this lol

Jeff Baker

Second time I've seen his tunes described as haunting. Perfect description. Haunting and psychedelic.

David Minken

1979. People forget just how completely ahead of the curve this was.

The whole trick to it is that he had a live rhythm section laying down a swanky groove, and he was running the synths through guitar effects pedals, giving it a raw, organic sound despite the sparse arrangements, proto-electronica, and PKD-inspired lyrics.

Andrew Eccles

@Darren Lennon I was born in 69 to, which means I was 10 in 79 and latched onto straight away, his performance on TOTP singing AFE was memorising, at the time and living in Coventry ska was all the thing my friends were into, and as much fun as that was this was a whole different ball game that’s paved the way to my loving of synth based music ever since. I went to see him on the PPT at my local theatre and it was and remains my favourite ever live gig, the stage set and the sound was immense, I remember crying at the end because I didn’t want it to finish! 😊


@Darren Lennon Never too young to appreciate. I too was born in 1969. I have a friend who had an older brother 4 years older than me. He turned me on to Gary Numan, I never looked back. Changed how I listed to music for the rest of my life.

Darren Lennon

never a big fan at the time, I was born in 69, a little too young to appreciate but at the time it came out I loved cars, "the song", not random cars in the street. Totally way ahead of his time, even the production on this album.

Kenneth Loayza

Way ahead like Eno!🙏👨‍🚀

Chris Wareham

@Sebastian Rodriguez Polymoog Keyboard (the preset version with Vox Humana sound) through an MXR Phase 100 is half the Numan sound on Replicas and Pleasure Principle. Add a Minimoog for bass and some of the leads.

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