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by GemStones

He's stuntin in his Robin jeans
Said true religion's played out
The cries of his mother's screams
He's on the ground laid out
The child is only 17
Ambulance sound like they in route
His uncle's steady sayin', "Breathe!"
Shorty's steady passin' out
Claiming that his back stings
Because the way his back's slouched
He knows he's on his last wing
He finally say his last "ouch"
Pants hangin' to his knees
Blood running from his mouth
Pistol in his back pocket
He never got the chance to pull it out
Granny screamin', "Lord, please!"
She still sees him as a boy scout
She never knew that he was one of these
He lived a life she never knew about
The families that he made grieve
The women that he's dogged out
The child who used to rake leaves
He's headed to the morgue now
I pray to God he make it through them gates
The Bible say it's based upon your faith
They raise us to be apes
We pray if you don't run for your survival
And half of us ain't never gon' escape
Through all of it I smile
Cause I know I'm only standing here by grace
Today I stare the devil in his face
No longer in denial
I know the gift I got is God-given
Too talented to let it go to waste
The coffin holds the child
A 7 minute shootout at his wake
The parents need an exit to escape
They running through the aisles
Time to pull another black suit out
They shot a pregnant mother in her face
The thought of it is wild
Seven shot but only took two out
Fled the scene and never left a trace
It never went to trial
These murder scene's especially when school's out
It hurts to see this happen to my race
Maybe it's in the water
Maybe it's in the weed
Maybe it's some kind of disorder that's within the seed
Let's rectify the horror
They petrified to read
Their minds are out of order
They lackin' what they need
They dying right before us
Detectives catching leads
They mothers lying for 'em
They justify they deeds
They out here dying for it
They so caught up in greed
They bound to rob you for it
Give it up or bleed
My tongue's an iron sword
I give 'em what they need
These children's minds are bored
If only they would heed
Caught up in time for
Louis Vuitton Jeans
Add Jordan Concords
I'll take a pair of 3's
Stay in the time boy
You think it's palm trees
Give 'em a sign, Lord
They such a young breed
Renew they minds, Lord
They lettin' guns squeeze
These bullets flying, Lord
They hittin' the wrong scenes
They out they minds, Lord
It's if they don't bleed
Must be the Crown Royal
Must be the strong weed
Must be them lines, Lord
Must be the codeine
That makes the mind force
Move at a slow speed

Round and round we go
We go round and round we go
In circles
And the beat goes on like
Round and round we go
And it's round and round we go
In circles, circles

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