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Gemini Killer Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Gemini Killer:

I Am No One "Dead man tell no tales" ohh death x4 Won't you spear me…

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Mobster Sammy "The Bull" Gravano said Roy was bat-shit crazy.

They were once in a meeting with a banquet hall full of old people in the other room.

He said Roy seemed to be not paying attention.

He asked Roy what was up & Roy said he's just thinking about how he could kill the entire room of old people before any of them could escape.

Gravano said after that day they had a meeting about Roy about how they couldn't trust him.
That who tf would be at a mob meeting & not be paying attention to making money but be thinking about murdering innocent retired people the entire time?

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Leonard Jackson

Listening to Sammy the bull talk about DMeo really shines light on just how gone this dude really was. He was killing for fun outside of the business and that also made him extremely dangerous.

Rick Slick

Now go get your shine box

Abel Montalvo

Big time Serial killer

Jay Klink

@Leonard Jackson Most definitely, DeMeo was a straight up serial killer, and on the high end of the psychopathy spectrum.

Leonard Jackson

@Jay Klink Even as a dead man his name can send cold chills down your spine especially when you hear about how ruthless he was.

Jay Klink

"We'll feed you to Roy DeMeo", "his men need practice to stay sharp" . lol

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A character like Roy Demeo will never die of old age


Roy was a pedo

David Shaughnessy

Beware of an old man in a profession where men die young.

maciej guzek

@Domestic Violence who, Iceman or that senior gangsta youtuber?

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