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Killer in the Box
Gemini Killer Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Gemini Killer:

I Am No One "Dead man tell no tales" ohh death x4 Won't you spear me…

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Comments from YouTube:


Brad “I could put Charlie Manson in the fetal position” Dourif

Niles Knives

Manson? Gemini could scare Charles Lee Ray to 7 deaths.

paul dodge

The amount of rage i feel after watching 20 minutes of Tik Toc videos.

Derek Brown

hearing chuckys voice brings back good old memeorys

Aza Smith

My favorite possesion eva!

Ian Bruesch

0:17-0:25 Venamun just described a typical work day for me.


ha! there's a song that i've always loved that starts out with the audio from this. i think i'll put it in now.

Danny Thomas

Where’s this man’s Oscar?!

uwe hansen

even if this guy was behind unbreakable glass and shit i would still piss my paints.

steven bauer

His pain won't end.

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