School of Rock 'N Roll
Gene Summers Lyrics

(1) Well, the School Of Rock 'n Roll holds
session all year long
Well, the School Of Rock 'n Roll is where
you learn to move your bones
Well, the School of Rock 'n Roll is where
I long to go.

(2) Now the teacher she don't even use no chalk
No, 'cause man alive she don't pretend to
make a mark
'Cause at this here school all you learn to
do is rock.

(Cho)Well, they rock on the blackboard, rock on
the desk
The rockin' homework is what they love best
The school Of Rock 'n Roll holds session all
year long
Yeah, the School Of Rock 'n Roll is where I
Long to go!

(repeat chorus)

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Comments from YouTube:

richard bowes

Finally a song i can play the piano part LOL

Gary Moon

One of my favorite songs that my dad played the drums on with Gene and the Rebels.

Jl Smith



This song is a classic fast rockabilly recording!! It rocks forever!!

rockabilly Page

Gene is still alive, and performing

The 50s Rockhouse

Never miss the School of Rock'n Roll *********

Doowop Steph

R.I.P GeneπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯
Thank You for the music and the friendship


Amazing!!!!! Better than my electronic music!


I went to the school of rock and roll at the royalty in south gate in the 70's.

J Herrador

Great example of intensity and feeling!
I love it!!!!!

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