Gentleman Lyrics

Behold! It is written that a man should leave his mother and cling to the woman him love

Give thanks fi dis ya empress ina me life, oh Jah.
She loves ma and she make I satisfie, oh Jah!
To love her I will make a sacrifice, oh Jah!
To keep her in my life

She nuh stiffnecked and listen to me
She seek only truth and reality
and when she come ina me yard it is a blessing to me
and conversation intelligently
She a the water to my root and she can't dilute
She go bear me fruit and there is no dispute7
The jungle my heart she know the route
As night turn to day no substitute


'Cause you don't see me nuh mean I don't care
'Cause I can not touch you nuh mean I'm not there
Allthough we are appart feelings we share
I'm a man on a mission please be aware
The road it might be ruff but woman don't be afraid
The Journey might be long but don't loose your faith
I'm oceans away but we communicate
And soon I will be home and we gonna have a date


Love how she kiss how she cares
the passionate way how she put me to the test
when it come to loving dis ya empress a the best
I don't need no witness I confess
every night I pray that she'll never leave me lonely
Always pon the road and me know that it nuh easy
express to her that she a m yone and only
Future will be bright. mother of my baby


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