Good Old Days
Gentleman Lyrics

We bringing back the good old days
And then again the good old days
We talking bout the good old days
When the youths dem used to hold a vibe

I remember all the days we used to go up pon a corner
Side the youths and hold a meds and burn the marijuana
There wasn't no fuss there was no time fi drama
The youths dem used to move much calmer
Nowadays a peer war and every youth a buss the lama
A cause peer tragedy and cause peer drama
Whole leap of backbiting and informer
Officer don't lock the sound cause it calm ya

We bringing back the good old days ...

Bang back the vibes cause a so it ti go
Bring back the love and let it echo
Do it already you can do it again
Call upon mi bredgen and mi sistren them
Hands get loose make we tie dem up again
We got this musical foundation to solve the problem
Hold the vibes together can't make the niceness end
I'm remembering those good old days

We bringing back the good old days ...

We can sit down and hold a reason
And we don't have to cuss
We don't have to war and we don't have to fuss
We have he over standing every youth want a bust
Take it easy nuh get caught in a the rush
Tired if see the wrong people in handcuff
Dem try to make a living while the system so rough
Youth nuh bother come here come bluff
Don't come around here come turn no cruff

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Comments from YouTube:

Michael Sanders

Good song, GREAT ARTIST! Always puts your mind in the right place. Much respect to Gentleman


The good old days without people on my planet.

I miss those gold old days.

Ariel Sanchez

I love the flow of this song<3

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