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Rage & Anger
by Gentleman

what is the reason for your rage and anger
fear and doubt you a generate
that a somethin you fi put asunder
life goes on and you got no time to wait

you came into the world so clean and pure
opportunities ahead so you could open doors
mislead along the way by your big detour
find yourself ina addiction and ask for more
now you a moving high speed at a faster pace
but nobody never ever won the human race
meditation couldn't settle ina haze
now you bolling like a kettle and avaporate

once upon a time
you were someone
that i could rely on
now tide is high
deserted ty the same someone
some situation that i recall
with our back against the wall
some kingdom will rise and some kingdom will fall
appreciate it all

hell is a state of mind and sleep is hard to find
insomniac among us with a crazy kind
everyday dem getting closer to the borderline
but when reality a spin dem cyaan rewind
everytime me see u you want to play the leadin role
but without credential you'll be sellin you soul
responsibillity required to attain you goal
life worth more than silver and gold

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