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Round The World
by Gentleman

round the world
dem seh the world is on axle and it's spinning
while you sit down ina yuh castle full of sin
no know about the end nor the beginning
nor the beginning

round and round the world
we keep on bringing the
vibes around the world
we open up the peoples eyes
around the world

step ina the gideon
true di carribean
asians and Africans and even the Syrians
kick off the rebellion
strong like a stallion
sending out the message to more than a million
more than a billion
more than a trillion
now we going to add it up to more than quadrillion
leave out the silly ones
down at the pavillion
tell babylon fi check more for the civilian

me done four passports already
don't diturb me medi
been there and done that
and still i'ma holding steady
telling this to each and every
telling them we eveready
hafi make dem know seh dat we taff ina the armagedi
ask some of dem what dem cipher
bun out dem handgun and bun dem sniper
tell di youths dem outa road stop move like viper
if unno want good things ina life unno fi try for i
and i a struggler
some of dem a smuggler
large up the juggler who not make no trouble ya
music pon the double ya
clear weh the rubble ya
positivy we come fi juggle ya

ups and minorities
rule the majority
class and laws never showing no maturity
ancient philosophies
and brutal economies
everyday dem talk about some brand new celebrities
confused priority
lost in technology
rich and poor seperated by authorities
charge your anatomy gain electicity
fantasy can replace reality me sing - boom

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