Sin City
Gentleman Lyrics

i see dem runnin and dem frighten
burden nuh go lighten
dem back up ina one thunderball
sin city ago brighten
when jah jah flash him lightning
through the fence and over wall

mouth it never shut it just a run up
with no inspiration dem never come up
little lava run and the whole place a bun up
mancurse or mankind
love or crime on your mind
behavior what me see a hurt me stomach
everyday another youth desperate and run ammock
but there's no clock that will tick to jah timing
there is no adress but remember you can find him

some things will never change
can't even rearrange
wicked man have to go get dem judgement
like sugar cubes ina the rain
it sweetnes not your pain
but it is like salt to your torment
bones flesh up to the skin
perspire from your sin
blood a run down from your garment
dollar bills without no sense
and your only reference
destruction to your soul employment

the purpose of your life it slip away sah
not even realize
light years away from the purpose you was made for
mancurse or mankind
love or crime on your mind
babylon the great remember seh we know your fate sah
you can make a change so why you wait for
but there's no clock that will tick fo jah timing
there is no adress but you remember you can find him

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Comments from YouTube:

fabricio saul

Come to São Luís! We love the vibration of your music.

Guilherme Gusmão & Banda Katamarã

aqui é Maranhão e só toca pedra mermaO

Nicole Maria

uma pedraaa, boa demais❤


Nicole Maria amor eu te amo.. eu amo mesmo

Carol Almeida

uma tijolada kkkkkk

Sandro Lúcio

Muitaa pedrada, meu Maranhão aqui é a jamaica brasileira

Miguel Pinto

i'm 16 years old, and i listen Gentleman for 3 years, without doubt my favorite musician, his music helps me everyday, I can sing all the songs of "ANother intensity" and " confidence" album's Jah bless all people around the world..!! Fantasy can't replace reality Gentleman sing- Boom!!

Maylson Lopes

Essas e varias milhares de outras pedras, voce com certeza so irá ouvir em São luis-MA, a Jamaica brasileira.


Peace From Canada.

christian espinosa

Porque la buena música jamas morira...2020 y aun nos sonamos estos Reclasicos

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