The Light Within
Gentleman Lyrics

what a wonderful world we are livin in
and precious is each and every ting
when your mind is givin in
hold on to your faith
such a beautiful world we are livin in
and we are the light that shines within
when your mind is givin in
hold on to you faith

don't have no fear
i know the things you see
i know the things you hear
never be despair
never ever worry my dear
i feel a profound compassion for those who turn away from life
get caught ina dem trap of writs and rites
never raise the question why we a survive
through all the tribulation we still daja alive

forget about your words of anger
it's going up the down escalator
so you better get your self together
together we can be co-creators
for every little action there will be consequences to pay
so you have to monitor your doing of the day
to be in alignment with the milky way
and overstanding the part we have to play

you trash around ina di face of a world you can't manage
everything you don't understand you want to damage
fearful regretful and now you lose your courage
open up your third eye it is your inner knowledge
what makes your life worth living
extend your capacity and courtesy of giving
come let we talk about some caring and sharing
and the hope of universal forgiving

Contributed by Lincoln B. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


jah bless :D no mistakes in lyrics :D

Stazz Swales

2 great singers... ♥♥

Lorena Rojas

So pure so JAH!! bless...

D. Engelbrecht

in the name of the lord i give thanks to gentleman and the pretty good artists around


great music, great lyrics - much love!

Valentin Bolt

love this song. was by his concer in zurich !! was so great! he's the best!


Great!!! Bless from Poland!

demowsky ks

Respect from Poland!

iJourney TV

Two of my favorite artists.beautiful combination.heavenly!

Dejan Trofenik

God bless you ❤️ Your music is a bliss! ☺️

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