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I Need to Be Greedy
Geoff Kaufman Lyrics

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v Højgaard n

In Denmark we had the situation going on where people's holiday earned money where locked so they couldn't get them unless the government open them for them.
And as denmark opened up again after Corona lockdown the government chose to open their holiday money to get the Danish economy going strong again, and while they got their money, people who dont have jobs got $100 for free to support the Danish economy.

The ones who have job and got their holiday money, started complaining about the poor got money too.

And the poor who got the $100 complained about getting money they did not ask for.

And it was all for supporting the danish economy

Jerome Bychowski

The lecturer repeatedly presented the results of his studies orally.
But, he did not display even one spreadsheet, pie chart, or graph, to support the illustration of the facts about a compilation of the actual data that was collected.
His loose presentation style, and missimg research data summaries, leaves his audience in a position of blind trust in his openly, and seemingly biased statements.
Not one time, did this lecturer make a statement about the planning, safety strategies, or execution of those plans, by the persons involved, in competing to make gains in any of the scenarios that were presented.
So, the audience, therefore learned nothing about how to plan, act safely, and execute strategies, in.order to be competitive, and become more wealthy.
So, the only result of this lecturer's presentation, was that the audience was degraded, and there heads were filled with opinions about the wealthy persons.
Therefore, the audiece was weakened by the lecture, and they were discpuraged from seeking out documentation that supports facts about the competition for wealth.
So, they only recieved opinions.
The fact is, that statistics show that, predominantly persons that are gaining wealth, and rising upwardly in the socioecomomic class levels, are doing so because of increased education, investment, planning, and strategic execution of their plans.
Those executed plans include improved social skills.
That is a fact.

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Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value. - Einstein

Wolin 51

@excalibur2112 you are the god of yourself. No need to be watched.

Elegantcraftsbyangela Acac



Yes, just be a good person. God and his Angels are always watching/monitoring us.

Ben Angel

My biggest ambition is to live as simply as possible without losing the meaning of life


Wer ist auch wegen mois hier? :D


What if morals and ethics were invented by rich people to trick poor people into staying poor while the rich continue to get richer.


Morality is a social construct. But so is your entire perception of reality. By definition your sense of reality is created by language. Which is socially constructed. Morality does serve a purpose - but it is being lost in an age where accumulating financial wealth is overemphasized. Sure you need a certain level of wealth to sustain survival, but how much is enough?


@Ameer Jesus wasn't rich and neither were the apostles.

Stop Talking

So a formalized system of control exposing values that we seek but can't find the reward for, of course until after death. Sounds like Religion.

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