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Chen Reuven

Thanks for a Gr8 talk
I love the way u describe the soc

Some feedbacks:
- u say that entity doesn't need to depend anything but your book antity depend on stuff. (see the import, it depend on typeORM stuff which mean that u cannot just take it to another app, so it's not pure I dependency)
- related to the use case, bussniss logic part, again it's depend on mobax where u just need to depend on entities

What do u think?


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swss dev

And you just had to bash vscode. so low.
nice talk btw.

Oemer Aran

Why would you use typescript if u write "@ts-ignore" in every tsx file?

Johannes Zilg

Because MobX prefers to use decorators and those are only available in TypeScript.

Дмитрий Сидоренко

Good theory part but poor demo which contradicts the theory in some cases like direct dependency on implementation details (MobX and TypeOrm)


Nice talk keep it up Nir!

Sameer Avhad

Very nice explained. Low Coupling and High cohesion. Thanks.

Lakmal Jayawardana

Wow.. simply enlightening :)


"It doesn't matter what you use" followed by "I'm using this because it solves my use case." 🤷🏽‍♂️
Then "use Webstorm" but it doesn't matter what you use?

AM Guru Prasath



Why ORM on frontend?

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