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Arrival of the Queen of Sheba
by Georg Friedrich Händel

Şu hercai hayata bir kere geldik
Yedik içtik doyduk kalktık hesabı birlikte verdik
Sinsi hayat ihtirası bana hiç uğramadı
Dünya malı zenginin olsun sen benim kadınım

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Comments from YouTube:

Freya McCullough

If I was exceedingly wealthy, I would a hire an orchestra just to play this every time I arrived somewhere.

Mike Dwyer


william Hamilton vanderbeck

Every time u go in TESCos

Gary Hamilton

You have exquisite taste

Chris Cafferty

The best comment I've ever read 👏👏👏

A. L.

Fair enough! LOL

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Simon Quattrone

I swear, if anybody else makes another pun, I'm just gonna fly off the Handel.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart1234

UnlikeFire lol


@Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart1234 really

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart1234

@Unlikefire I’ll stop but remember I’ll be Bach and I will un ravel all my puns after I go Chopin.

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