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Concerto in G major TWV 40:201 for 4 Violins without Basso continuo: 1. Largo e staccato
Georg Philipp Telemann Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


This rendition is absolutely fantastic, I love it so much. Seriously <3

Richard Jehl

I never realized those 4 violins pieces were so fantastic ! Well played !

lana jay

Well said


I liked the faster tempo in the first movement - bravo!!!


Those unexpected harmonies in the third movement are nice!!! The fourth movement reminds me of the Musica Notturna of Madrid by Boccherini.

Belinda Chang

allegro 2:10
vivace 4:28

Kaiser Gidorah

all the mics kind of an eyesore. shouldnt the natural acoustics of the hall carry enough? still very nice though


There are no speakers i think. All the mics are just picking up the sound you are hearing in this recording

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