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II. Allegro
Georg Philipp Telemann Lyrics

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Debi Ethredge

@Marina Thibeault ty!
You prefer getting up to tempo by increasing speeds vs "at tempo" practice in a variety of ways: "chunking"; taken x number of notes at a time, adding one to front or back, etc....?
"full musical intentions" "Mindful and energetic slow practice"
I'm not 100% certain of exactly what you have in mind with energetic slow practice, but I will keep this in mind while practicing!
Metronome approx 105 is my fav tempo for this, which is a bit below what y'all settle into.
You don't come off frantic, tho; rather, quite happy and playful!
So far, I'm hoping for a solid 90 as a goal!
I believe this is the only movement of this great piece that shows you playing?

All comments from YouTube:

Larry Saltzman

I have fond memories of learning this concerto when I was young. But I never achieved this level of performance.

Marina Thibeault

It’s my favorite!!!!

Unbekannter Nutzer 25

This piece is stuck in my head since yesterday. Now I really want to learn to play viola and I had just resently fought down the urge to buy one. Damned, let's start all over again...

Marina Thibeault

Aw! eBay for the win? :)

Unbekannter Nutzer 25

@Marina Thibeault not eBay. Thomann. A proper online music store whith people who know what they are doing. They have a luthier check the instruments before they get shipped. They also add fine tuner or change strings if you want. But no. No. I won't go there. I was over this. I won't buy one. Nope.

Eric Ash Music

Love your whole style & technique Marina- Fun, expressive, joyful & grand musicianship...Bravo.

Derick Okihara

I am learning this piece as part of the Suzuki rep and I love your interpretation. It gives me inspiration :) Brava

Lucie Manet | Eveil de Soi

J'adore vraiment ton son et ta sensibilité. Merci, très chouette version !

Marina Thibeault


Richard Hellgren

Great interpretation and radiant performance!

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