George Huff, Victory: We need your help!

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by George Huff

Everybody (
Everybody), Come On Let's Celebrate (
Come On Let's Celebrate), Dance In Freedom (
Dance In Freedom), Give God The Highest Praise (
Give God The Highest Praise) 2x
Everybody (
Everybody), Worship In Unity (
Worship In Unity), The Enemy's Defeated (
The Enemy's Defeated), We've Got The Victory (
We've Got The Victory) 2x
He Is (
He Is Strong And Mighty), He's Mighty (
Mighty In Battle), Oh Yeah (
He Is More Than Able), With Him, Nothing's Impossible, We Are Victorious (
We Are Victorious), Give God A Shout (
Give God A Shout), (
Lift Up Your Voice) Lift Up Your Voice, Let A Praise Ring Out (
There's A Praise Coming Out) 2x
Vamp: Victory, Victory, We Have The Victory 4x
Celebrate, Celebrate, Come On Let's Celebrate 2x

Lift Your Voice, Lift Your Voice, Come On Let's Shout For Joy 2x

Writer(s): Aaron Lindsey, George Huff

Contributed by Keira I. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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