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by Gershon Kingsley

First Moog Quartet - Rebirth.

I was a star
when the earth came to light
I was the stone
that gave birth to the knife
I was a tree
and a thing from the sea
all of these things are part of me

Born and reborn
in a master design
I was a bird
and a beast with an instict devine
Ah - but now I'm a man
and I'm wondering just who I am,
as I try,
- try to fit into the plan

Star, let glow
with the light I once knew
Stone, lend me strength,
for there's much I must do.
Tree let me grow
and the sea set me free
for all of you are part of me.

Bird, give me flight
of the mind when I dreampt
Beast show me how
when I find that I have to adapt

In this lost race of man
let me draw from all that I've been,
that I may find my place in the plan.

Writer(s): 皆谷 尚美, 井澤 惇, 武田 信幸, 山本 晃紀, 楠本 構造

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