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Rent Mel I Posen Jeg sa "Hei Konstabel, jeg selger ikke dop" E'kke vits og…

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Mrigangko Shekhar Roy

Brother please help me out! I have alot of questions! Before that i wanna share something! I was searching for such ideas on youtube and I came across your channel which is an amaing guide for beginners. Unknowingly you're helping alot of dreamers to believe that dreams do come true. So, the thing is that :-

1. I don't have a bachelor degree! (Long story behind this, i was doing B-tech but then had to leave that because of some family issues and after that i was in depression for a long period of time and lost faith in everything! But now i guess i'm good, still confused!)
2. I'm learning the basics of Python from internet. Didn't buy a course.
3. I really wanna get into this field because i love tech.
4. I'm currently working as a customer support executive in an international voice process because that's the only option i have right now to survive and help my family!
5. And i'm 28 right now. 🙁

Do you think without a degree and learning Python will help me to get into this field and get a job in those reputed companies! Please guide me! I need your help brother in this journey! Am I on the right path or i should i change something here, i need your suggestion! 🙏

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Jesuloba John

1. Learn a stack
2. Build projects
3. Solve leetcode
4. Apply for jobs

Thanks man

Aman Shrivastav

@Aditya Dwivedi stack mean full stack or tech stack
In stack MEAN n MERN comes
It depends on ur choice which you'd like to learn

Vamsi Mullangi

@Jesuloba John ok. Thanks

Jesuloba John

@Vamsi Mullangi try leetcode

Jesuloba John

@Aniruddha Karmakar try Frontend mentor

deepak sah

Stack means to become expert in one Android apps, games ,websites...

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zoh ahs

Amazing to see how someone can get into Google just by doing free courses off the internet , it surely proves that its will power and consistency rest are excuses and a lot of whinning! Congrats on Getting in Google!

Darshan Tawte

Don't forget the guy graduated from IIT which is one of prestigious institute in India, he already was a good learner hence picked up fast.


@Lothbrok🚩 he doesnt had degree in cs may be mech


@Ahnaf check his LinkedIn 🤷

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