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by Gillian Grassie

While lying down in spring grasses
Catching clouds with eyelashes
A bee hummed a traveling song.
I rolled over and thought
It's time for a walk
But this one, it might be long

I'll send you my kisses
And all my best wishes
But now, I really should go.
And you might protest
But me, I can't contest
With wind, she told me so

When she sang:

Let's say it's all for the best
And toss up what's left
To powers without any name.
We'll have us some fun
'Neath a hot summer sun
Then watch the leaf colors change.

The cold's getting thicker
And people walk quicker
Down streets they don't really know.
With the purposeful geese
My thoughts fill with peace
As we all move towards home.

Will I still know the faces
The smiles in glass cases
Or just my reflected frown?
Persistent winter flurries
Alleviate my worries
They keep on falling down.

They're whispering:

My heart's feeling lighter
As I pull my scarf tighter
Taking steps back from change,
I'm hearing the sound
Of a circle come round
And the song is the same.

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