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Gino Is A Coward
Gino Washington Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Gino Washington:

Around The Town Around the town My lover waits for me And there she'll be Ar…
Puppet On A String Well, now (Walk) I walk (Talk) Oh yeah (Eat) I'm hungry (Sle…

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Comments from YouTube:


The pride of Detroit Pershing High School. This is a great record from 1964. He was drafted later that year and never had anymore hits. He was a year ahead of me in school, I went to Cooley but everybody knew who Gino was.

Donald Morrow

Talking about coming late to the party. I was introduced in name only to this record by renowned Rock music critic (and Michigan native) Dave Marsh in his 1999 treatise, "The Heart of Rock and Soul: The 1001 Greatest Rock Singles Ever Made" (ranked at #938). Coming from two states east in Upstate New York, I read this and paid it no never mind until I moved to Toledo, OH (a little bit closer) and ran across another of his primal screams, "Out of This World." Both records prove he is a genius on par with, say, Gary US Bonds. I heard that on Detroit radio he even gave The Beatles a run for their sixpence! Glad to finally meet you, Mr. G!

Ted MacIntosh

That is a great book!

Toni Carpenter

TV One's "Unsung" brought me here to hear Keith Washington's uncle song.

James Stanley

me to

Charles DeMean

From the Big D. All time fave. Remember when the Music was good. MC5 forever. Detroit Kicks Out The Jams.

Wolf Bait

Wearing an mc5 shirt right now! Not the mc50 tour one, either. 😂

Doug Morgan

Does anyone know anything about the backup band, Jeff And The Atlantics?


thank james

Ed Baranek

Gino is a genuis what a. Great song should have been. 1 in tthe charts.

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