Giorgio Moroder Lyrics

Lazy afternoon, droppin' to the Hard Rock café
I'm drinking coffee, she came my way
She drove a red Ferrari, dresses of Armani
cursin' while movin' away

Mumble, hissin', flashes...(????)... my direction
Better move before too late
I always can rely on my imagination
To bring the little lady my way

A love affair
In the afternoon - my delight
A love affair
In the afternoon - my secret delight

Some (to imagine?| true magic?) all so tight around me
Give you more than you can take
Paris, London, New York - any destination
Love you 'til you're ready to break

(repeat )

(interlude (synth solo))

(Whoooh watch out!)
Someone stepped into my dream!
(Whoooh watch out!)
Oh lady doesn't listen to him!
(Whoooh watch out!)
He's still at home, away from me
(Whoooh watch out!)
Oh, we've stepped in a little fantasy - yeah!

Writer(s): Keith Forsey, Giorgio Moroder

Contributed by Samuel S. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Modus Sollers Official

Morodoer, the god! He was producing this kind of music 30/40 years ago... without modern technologies and softwares. RESPECT.

Daan van 't Westeinde

I have had this one in my head for 30 years now and couldn't find it just looking for Moroder. Then Esposito popped op, still don't know how, and I found this! Thanks!!

Andrius Gorbacius

one of the best songs!!!!! I love it !!!!

Erik Eti Smit

This song was released as the single off the album. I remember it from back then.



SALAÜN Philippe

BON SUCCès en club en France fin 82, Giorgio Moroder ce n'est pas que les musiques de film...

Gabriel Rearte

top song

Sairam Gopinath

He's the angry atari sega nerd....He's the angry video game nerd.

Nozomi89 AceGaymer

That's where I already heared the beginning melody