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She Had a Plan
by Girl in a Coma

when yesterday is over
and tonight just began
you sit there in your corner and wish it was the end
but listen here my friend
the story never starts until you break your heart

i know there was a plan beneath the story, too slow
there was a plan beneath the story

but do you know just what it’s like?
to fall asleep and no one there to tell you everything is alright

two souls
one of us let go
too bold
one of us let go

when yesterday is over

Contributed by Caleb I. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Oswaldo Rodriguez

Badass Riff !!!

Abrahán Garza

Hey that's my photo at 0:50 and 2:11!

Alina Bellydance

that Riff!!!!

Janie Heath

I saw them in consort. Thay played this song. I was grate

Michelle Paradise


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